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Thu Dec 21, 2006 4:06 am

Hey Thomas,
When i load the pano.swf, it load fine but i see all the jaggy pictures, i load my 320x240 pamo into another movieclip, it wont load Square i always see the jaged edges?? is the a way to place the swf into a place holder>> i tried all the demo code i could find in the site to resize the window, but i always see those Edges...

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Thu Mar 08, 2007 11:54 pm

The way I got round that was just to set a mask over the layer where the .swf is loaded. I am loading into a target .swf, and as long as I put any other material on the page in layers above the target .swf layer the mask doesn't get in the way of the other page material.

I have a query though. When I embed the pano .swf into the page in this way, I can't get the controller .swf to appear, although it does if I juat play the pano .swf directly. I do have the controller .swf in the right place! I have asked this question to pano2qtvr support but no reply yet.

Finally - another tip I worked out is to use the ._lockroot property in the container (target) . swf. It would seem that the pano .swf must make references to its own root timeline, and unless I use the ._lockroot property the pano .swf takes over the whole player window instead of confining itself to the target .swf I want it to play in. Look at for a few trial pages where the mask method is hiding the jagged tiling, and the pano .swf is playing in a page created solely in Flash and published to html from Flash. Hope this isn't too late to help.
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Tue Mar 20, 2007 5:06 pm

Do you have the fla file for that demo site in the warehouse?

if your not prepared to offer it to me, could you explain hwo you coded the drop down bx etc, is it xml driven.

also how does the menu control the frames of the movie? is there a goToFrame script on it? how is this writen?

Bascially i want to creaqt a template for displaying panos in a house thats for sale, ideally i want the menu to be xml driven and go the the frame that the pano is on or load the pano accordingly.

any help would be greatly appreciated!
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