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Fri Mar 06, 2020 5:18 pm


I've seen lots of companies offering an 'Enhanced Google Tour' option, which appears to be adding an overlay skin with interactive menu and hotspots. TourDash and GoThru seem to be two of the most popular tools for adding this overlay, which adds the interactivity to the Google Tour. The overlay doesn't appear to be viewable within GSV itself, so the GSV has to be added to a website.

It seems this is a good idea as an upsell as some companies are charging an annual fee to add this 'Enhanced' option. Can an overlay be added to a GSV Tour with Pano2vr and if so, is there anyone already offering this that has a tour as an example?

here are a couple of examples I found, which show a GSV Tour with menus and interactive info: ... 73h,98.01t

Trying to get my head around why you would do this it seems you can offer a GSV Tour with an Enhanced package upsell, or a bespoke VT using Pano2vr, that can be self-hosted.

Any thoughts or help on this would be most appreciated.

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