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Sun Sep 29, 2019 9:10 am


Is there any news on this topic? I'm struggling to add any new lexternal inks to an exisiting project. When I update metadata with new links on existing pano using Pano2VR it seems to remove the pano completely from Street View leaving a gap in the tour.
Weirdly something similar happen when trying to update links directly on Street View. so might be something on googles side but cant get anymore info.
(Tour was made using 5.25 but I'm now working with 6.1 beta 3.
I'm considering deleting the tour from street view and recreating it from scratch but that would mean losing a million views count....
am I the only struggling to update links on street view at the moment?

Also if anybody could point me to a tutorial to use both functions "connect to current panorma" and "add Link to External Panorama" when right clicking in the street view browser as both options are confusing. I'm unsure which one of the two need to be used to create a node in the right place between two seperate tours in my browser... but with the issue I experience with the missing link and disapearing pano from my street view account it is hard to test.

Many thanks for the support.
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