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Sat Apr 27, 2019 12:17 pm

Hi guys

Hope it's ok to ask a semi related question here re. Google Maps publishing?

I've been asked to create a small tour for Google Maps which will consist of approx 8 photos of a business. The client wants to be able to 'walk around' in Google Maps.

1 - Photo Distance
Is it still a case that for the StreetView arrows that photos must be spaced X feet apart and be Geo-tagged ?
I published some photos recently to Google maps that were several feet apart. Having manually geo-tagged them in Pano2VR, Google did a really good job of understanding the relationship between the photos and allowing me to jump between them *without* the normal streetview arrows.

2 - Photo GeoTagging
My camera doesn't support native geo-tagging but an App from the manufacturer allows my phone to sync GPS data to each photo.
I was surprised to note on a test batch this morning that the GPS position was innacurate on several photos when imported into Pano2VR.
Assuming the data was incorrect before importing to Pano2VR, is this relatively normal? IE to have to fine-tune locations in Pano2VR?

3. Latest Streetview/Google Maps guidance
Finally, can anyone recommend a dedicated forum or resource for GSV? I've joined an active Facebook group

Thanks :)
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Sat Apr 27, 2019 2:28 pm

Hi Sparrow,
I have moved this to the correct forum.

1) It used to be one meter inside, three meters outside. But I think this has been dropped. I normally don't go beyond 10 meters and always a line of sight. Basically so there is just enough distance so the next node has different content. This said I have experimented with 20+ meters and it still works.

2) Yes, this is normal but easy enough to correct in Pano2VR using the Tour Map.

3) Try Local Guides Connect.

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