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Wed Apr 26, 2017 2:28 pm

Hopki wrote:
Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:58 pm
Hi Arjan,
From what I know, you would make a pano in your tour very close to the street view panos in the road/outside. If the place is the same then Google would link to this. Thomas made a few panos with his Theta along a street in Vienna, it now has links to other tours, he did nothing to do this, Google linked it.
Ok I'll sit and wait till that happens, the first pano is taken at 15 meters high, maybe that is a problem for this auto linking mechanism. I'll go back and shoot some extra pano's at the exact same places the Google Car made them, maybe that helps ....
Google are no longer supporting "Look inside". This will also be removed from existing tours on Google.

Re user data and blur tool, I would copy the p2vr project file and have one for hosted tour and one for Google. So open one project add all the hotspots etc and then copy the p2vr file. Then add the blur patches to the copied p2vr file, I would also change the output folder to Google or something different.
My main tour is the Pano2VR tour, that is what I sell to my customers, as an extra I can now upload this tour to Google Streetview, very glad with this feature, keep up the good work !! But ... In the Pano2VR tour there are sometimes customers and personal in the picture, they have always been asked or noticed that we are making pictures for internet use and they agree to it. That Google wants to blur faces and license-plates out ... ok ... I can live with that, but this should not affect my main Pano2VR tour. What I would like to see is a preference option which you can select if you want the blur-patches only in the Google Streetview output.
I often have to edit tours after a few months or years and with having a pano2vr config file and a Google config file I have (again) double administration. If a tour is only 4 nodes, that is not so much of a problem, but when we talk about 100+ node tours and you have to do the same edits to both tours this is a hough task and a scenario for errors. Copying after editing the tour and doing all blurs again is to time consuming too ....

Furtermore, I have still one question unanswered:
4) When auto-adding the Google location to all nodes the title of the node is Changed to the Google Title. After this all my nodes are named the same, because the title-name = node-name that is used thru-out the tour project. I can fix this by clearing the node-title again but this seams to me a bug or a unwelcome side-effect.

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Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:27 pm

Hi Arjan,
When you add a place this is what happens and this is the data field Google read, to get around all the patches and user data name changes I would simply copy the p2vr file and rename it google_xxxxxx.p2vr. In the copy remove the HTML5 output so it purely for street view, then you can add all your blur patches and place names to that project.

As the Street View panel does not create an output folder all will be good if all in the one project folder.
This sounds a better workflow IMO as there would be no way to accidentally leave something in an output that should not be there.
However I will run this past the developers but this would be the solution for me.
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Fri May 12, 2017 10:43 am

How to have the tour published not like photosphere but inside the google maps business profile?
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