Remember nodes with cookies

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Remember nodes with cookies

Post by Hopki » Tue Jul 23, 2019 8:32 pm

Here are two components that use cookies to remember the node and view when reopening a tour.

To use just add the component to your skin.
If not required you can delete the Forget Cookie text box, its only there to show how to clear the cookie.
Once added when you close the tour and reopen it, depending on which component you are using it will open with the last node or last node and view.

The first component RememberNode.ggskc just remembers the node.
This is done by a javascript call in a Go To URL action found in the container with the ID cookie.

How it works:
There is a variable in the skin called "lastnode".
The current node is written to the variable with a Node Changed action.
There is also a javascript call that creates a cookie and is continually updating it when the Configuration file is loaded.

The javascript:

Code: Select all

javascript: player.setVariableOptions("lastnode",{ keep:true, cookieExpireDays:100 });
As you can see the cookie will expire after 100 days.
So the cookie remembers the variable and when opened the action Config Loaded, Open Next Panorama then uses it to open the correct node.

The "forget button" removes the cookie by setting the days to 0.

The component RememberNodeView.ggskc uses a timer.
This is similar to the above but also has a timer that is recording the pan, tilt and FoV every second and writing to the variable, "lastview".
There is a javascript call to remember this, similar to the node.

The forget Cookie button has to have both javascript calls to set the days to 0.

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