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Preview image quality

Post by Hopki » Fri Jun 20, 2014 12:08 pm

The image quality of the preview image used in the GGPKG is controlled in the Setting/Preferences for Pano2VR.
Object2VR uses the source image and is not effected by this however I have had some e-mails asking about the image quality for the Pano2VR ggpkg preview image.

This can be adjusted in the Settings/Preferences, under the Images section.

Preview Tile Size (default 256)
Preview Equirectangular Size (default 1024)

The Tile Size effects all cubic input images such as cube faces, vertical strip etc.
The Equirec effects only Equirec input images.

New p2vr file, pano2VR must be restarted before exchanges will take effect.

If you doing this with an existing project, make the change in the Setting/Preferences, save and close Pano2VR.
Delete or rename the preview image Pano2VR outputs.
Open the project and click save to generate a new preview image at the new resolution.

Now when saving the ggpkg the new preview resolution will be used in the package.
I set both to 2048, this also helps with the hotspot editor as it will be a sharper image for placing hotspot more accurately.

Please see comparison below using Equirec, 512 vs 2048
512---2048---Equirec.jpg (38.54 KiB) Viewed 1511 times

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