Extract direct links from shortcode manually?

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Wed May 06, 2020 10:23 pm

Hi fellow users,
I have recently come back to Pano@VR after a couple years of hiatus, and wow, many things have changed. Such powerful software now!
Anyhow, I only use very limited functions but I do need your help with an issue I am having integrating the plugin with my WP site.
I am using a theme that has the prettyphoto lightbox. That lightbox doesn't show anything when I just use the pano from the media library.

So here's the lightbox with normal pics: http://www.davidaunerphotography.com/
This is a gallery with panos, nothing shows: http://www.davidaunerphotography.com/panotest/
So I did this workaround but I don't really like it: http://www.davidaunerphotography.com/pano/ (And very interesting: the minute I use any size instructions in these the preview images disappeared as well. )

I could change the code on the lightbox my theme uses to use custom thumbs and links but for that I'd need to extract the urls from the shortcode. Is there any way to do this? Or does anyone have a better solution for my problem? Thanks in advance!

Best, David
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