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Re: Information displayed/showed by GGKP

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 11:54 am
by Hopki
Hi edgar_ali,
In the plugin's settings have you deselected the map?
And just to confirm you're referring to the map below the panorama in the page.

Re: Information displayed/showed by GGKP

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 5:19 am
by edgar_ali
Hi Hopki:

No i had not deselected the map in the plugins that I have deselected the map, the tour is showing in the page without the map...which is what I was looking for...

Thanks for that...

Just to clarify a bit more, I thought that even if you have the map selected in the plugin settings and you write the code: map_only='false' that would disable the map in the page...however it is not working like that...

Another thing that i tried was:

I de-selected the the map option in the plugin, then went to the page and wrote the following custom code:

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[ggpkg url='' map_only='true']
When I previewed the tour using the above custom code, the only object visible was the map.

So i am not sure if it is something that i am not writing properly in the custom code or the custom code has an issue..

In addition to that I also want to highlight that using the standard shortcode, i.e.:

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[ggpkg id=46319]
, the tour is not loading...why is this?

The tour is only loading when I used the custom code, i.e:

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[ggpkg url='' ']