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Tue Nov 08, 2016 4:34 pm

Been asked this a few times now about how to show a cardboard tour when you have Wordpress.
So far the best way I have found is to have a separate cardboard project open in a new window so it will fill the phones screen.
You would then close the HTML page to return back to your Wordpress site.

So the following is how to do it, but you will need to use FTP as well as the package.

Start off making a standard tour and output as normal, note not using the create package button.
In the skin add a button that will be used to open the cardboard output.
Give it the action:
Mouse click => Go To URL => URL: cardboard/index.html => target: _blank.
The target -blank will open it in a new window.

Then when its done you can then select a new HTML5 output, this will be added with output-1.
Right button click on the file name, select edit and change it to just output.
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Pano2VR will ask you if you are sure as the folder is not empty, just say ok.

Select the cardboard skin and under the HTML tab select the cardboard template/ggt.
Also right button click on the output file path and edit it to something like: output/cardboard/index.html
3.png (26.27 KiB) Viewed 3223 times
Now create the output.
What you should have is an output folder with a sub folder called cardboard as well as the usual images and tiles folders.
2.jpg (39.44 KiB) Viewed 3223 times
Go back to the normal output and click the create package button.

Now this will not include the cardboard folder but still go to Wordpress and upload as normal.
Once uploaded, you need to go to your FTP client and navigate to the decompressed folder in your Wordpress site.
The path will be something like this:

Now go to the output folder and upload the cardboard folder.

Both the normal and cardboard outputs will share the same tiles and what should happen is if you use a phone to open your Wordpress site and click the cardboard button, a new page will open so you can then set your phone in your viewer.

I have attached the project, open in Pano2VR 5 and output both HTML5 outputs, just hold down the alt key and click create output button.
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