Problems building Pano-Tours under Wordpress

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Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:12 pm

System: Pano2VR Version: 5.0.1 pro 64bit /Revision: 15068/5.5.1
Wordpress: 4.5.2 als Multisite-Installation mit neuster Plugin-Version

Hello dear P2V-users
gererally, I like very much the Pano2VR, cause of its many options and possibilities. Unfortunally, the documentation is a bit lazy and not quite up-to-date...

1) for me, the generating of tours jumping from one pano to the next (not inside one panotour, but from one panotour to the next using the url) is quite difficult. It costs me a lot of hours to recognize, that the tour-urls had to be absolute adresses, and i don'tz know whre i Did find the hint for that - it wasn't in the official documentation. Or is there a trick I did not see!?

2) I can't see, waht is the sense of the *.ggpkg file in the WP-Dirs, except the uploading, unpacking and the call of the mediafile in the site-generating, espacially, when only the unpacked HTML-Files are used afterwords!?

3) Panoramas are living, meaning they will be updated, new links will be installed, and so on. After generating a new version of a existing panotour (using the same name) and uploading the new *.ggpkg using the mediauploader, it will become an new name (old one was "church", new one is "church-1"). But this cracks the absolute path, as mentioned in (1). Any ideas / workarounds about this?

Maybe there is someone here who can help me with his experiencies. I will then write an documentation for this "sub-theme"...

best regards / mfG, Klaus Fabritz

(german speaking, sorry about my not quite good english ;-) but I think you've got it, right?)
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Tue Jun 21, 2016 3:28 pm

Hi Klaus,
The document, Link to a website page does miss out that it has to be an absolute URL, this is now fixed.

The ggpkg. Once uploaded the plugin decompresses the ggpkg and creates a directory of the same name.
This happens in Wordpress and your quite right in Wordpress the ggpkg is no longer needed and can be removed.
However this is not the same for Joomla, not sure about Drupal.
Its just how Wordpress works.

Regarding question 3, you would have to use FTP so you can locate the panorama and then upload the updated files. The problems with word press is it puts uploads in month folders, so even if it did not change the file name it would still brake the path if you update a month later. FTP is the only way really to do this unless there is a Wordpress app that allows this to work. But that said we have not found one as yet.
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Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:52 pm

What do you think about this idea:

In the Output-section there must be an field like "Absolute Path (specially / only for Woordpress-Users) where you could place the path like "" (describing the path to my domain and Multisite, for example)

In the hotspot url-field I could place "2016/07/pano-name/"

Creating the ggpk, there is an if-else construction:

if path-field is not ""
set $panoname to path-decription + hotspot-url
set $panoname == hotspot-url

Maybe this would help ;-)
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