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Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:03 pm

Create your ggpkg file as normal.
Change the file extension from ggpkg to zip then unzip, this will create a folder with all the files in.
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Locate the preview.jpg and open with your photo editing software. You can even replace the image with a different one just make sure it has the same dimensions, file name and type.
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Once you have finished editing or replacing the image you need to select all the files in the folder and then zip them up.
Note: You are making an zip archive from the individual files, do not zip up the folder itself as this will brake the file paths.
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Once you have your zip achieve rename it and then change the file extension to ggpkg.
You are now ready to upload to your CMS site.

Here is a post in a Wordpress page with a little planet view.
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If you get HTTP error or when uploaded you get a question mark "?" instead of the image you have more than likely zipped the folder and not the files within it.

The gginfo.json file may look different in your folder, this is because the icon is from the software I use to edit this file type.

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