MK PanoMachine Moonslide with Nadir-Shot Option

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Wed Dec 05, 2012 6:50 am


Shortly before Christmas is the first small series of modified Moonslide brackets for MK PanoMachine finished and finally available.

Our new MK PanoMachine Moonslide is world´s first motorized panoramic tripod head included "nadir shot". If you shoot the nadir without a nadir-extension the tripod is in the center of the image. Now the upper part of the bracket is rotated by 180 ° and the tripod is set linearly. So you make the nadir shot without disturbing tripod. Your manual correction is a minimum of what you have to do without the extension.

Older models like version 6,7 and current 8 can often easily find an update.

Discover more:

Best regards from Hamburg / Germany

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