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Conference Day at Photokina 2012

Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:27 pm
Update: IVRPA Conference day Photokina 2012, Cologne September 17, 2012

IVRPA is proud to announce an impressive list of speakers with interesting and important subjects for our Photokina conference day at the Fachhochschule in Cologne. (Close to Photokina, train and subway station around the corner.)

Seating is limited and Early Bird tickets are going fast, so reserve your place soon at
Amongst the presentations you will find:

High resolution 3D Arial Panorama creation, by Airopano, or Multimedia storytelling in App-journalism by Jens Radü and 360 panoramas and Gigapixel experience at the Olympic Games in London by Henry Stuart.

But also new IPhone/Pad apps and an i360 Viewer by Michael Kintner together with panoramas from a Helium blimp; about software with latest news from Garden Gnome by Thomas Rauscher and a sneak peak in the future, new Pro quality tours and 360 video by Alexender Jenny. And how to make these 360 video’s with Joergen Geerds’s video rig and how to use them with mind blowing panoramas from a mountain wall, presented by Ignacio Ferrando Margelli!

Beautiful, breathtaking panoramas from the Alps, showing them in large printed sizes for an immersive experience, by Matthias Taugwalder

This conference is packed with information about new developments and exiting panoramas. Beside the conference we have tutorial days at Photokina itself, for beginners and advanced shooters. Look for a separate message about that.
Some people think, I will read about it later but later is too late in this fast developing, interactive world. Having new equipment in your hands, seeing for yourself how it works and talking with the creators of images and software in an inspiring environment will pay off in a flood of new ideas, knowledge and creativity. Meet the people behind the names you have seen in articles and forums. Talks with them, exchange thoughts, ask about their experience personally. Or renew friendships with colleagues you have not seen in a long time. You will learn and grow, with all this information, talent and knowhow present at one spot. Photokina conference day 2012 is the place to be for panoramic photographers and video makers to give your profession or hobby a boost.

Do not miss out. Visit our Photokina website at for more information, the schedule and to buy tickets. Early bird tickets are available for a limited time.