MK PanoMachine 7.0 (motorized vr head)

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MK PanoMachine 7.0 - developed by professionals for professionals

The MK PanoMachine is an advanced panorama head for stitching, solid build, very strong powerfull motors, a precision tool to create cylindrical, spherical and multi-row panoramas as well as video, time-lapse, object movies, HDR. We offer the MK PanoMachine fully or semi motorized. Of course, only the horizontal drive can be ordered. It´s modular build to allow the combination with your own panoramic tripod head or our turntable for object movies. Using an IR remote control to operate easily without touching the housing. It´s compatible with any digital camera with release cable. So the MK PanoMachine is perfect for spherical photography, virtual tours, gigapixel imaging, 32-bit HDR (CGI), video and time-lapse (3600 positions / 360°).

Stop & Shoot + 2x Speed + Time-Lapse + Turntable + Video Mode

Our MK PanoMachine comes complete with 6 modes:

Stop & Shoot mode for simply perfect panoramas
360CR mode for fast panoramas from 4 seconds / 360° - continuous rotation with triggering position exactly
HighSpeed mode from 2 seconds / 360° with pre-acceleration and deceleration (Non-stop shooting)
Time-Lapse mode for horizontal, vertical and diagonal movement
Turntable mode for Object Movies
Video mode to use the HD video function of the camera up to 24h / 360°

The MK PanoMachine can not only shoot the same number of shots in each row, no, there's more. The device automatically calculates the sphere, the required rows and optimized number of shots in each row.

Supports the Promote Control, automatic bracketing for up to 45 shots in each row, up to 9.0 EV steps between bracked exposures to create 32-bit HDR images under even the worst lighting conditions.

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