NEW CENTRAL MENU skin template for iPad/iPhone

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Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:46 pm

We just released a new skin template named CENTRAL MENU. This skin is designed to run on iPad, iPhone (and Mac/PC with Safari browser). The skin is not provided with automatic fallback to Flash, because we wanted to show some nice features that are only available directly using HTML5/CSS3, but the scalable menu system can be used with no problems with Adobe Flash panoramas.

Among the many features of this skin template are:

- Unlimited number of menus (upto 12 menu items per menu)
- The UI can be scaled to 3 different sizes to fit better in different screen sizes
- Learn to use some nice HTML5/CSS3 features
- All the buttons used and showed in the demo (and some more) are provided with the skin in SVG format

You can see the skin in this link -->

Note: Requires pano2vr v3. To adapt the project to suit your needs you need to have good knowledge of the powerfull pano2vr's skin editor. No instructions are provided. You need to be able to "read" the skin itself.
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