Now Google Maps inside your panoramas!!!

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Now Google Maps inside your panoramas!!!

Post by anahum » Thu Mar 31, 2011 7:28 pm

We just released a very nice gadget to insert and manage Google Maps directly from your skins. No more browser pop-ups that behaves different in each browser!!! It is as simple as adding an external swf to your skin pointing to the gadget and pass from inside the skin all the parameters to configure your Google Maps map. You can pass the following parameters to the map from the skin:

1.- Map Width and Height
2.- Map center (Latitude and Longitude)
3.- Standard Google Maps Interface language codes
4.- Map Type (normal, satellite, hybrid, terrain)
5.- Map Zoom level
6.- Marker color
7.- Market text
8.- Show or hide the map buttons and zoom controller
9.- And your Google Maps API key specific for your web site domain (you must get it free from Google)

You can see it in this link -->

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