iWhite icons collection. More than 1000 items now in 4 sizes

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Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:23 pm

We updated the most comprehensive collection of buttons and some icons specifically designed to be used in panoramas' skins for small portable devices' screens. Now with more than 1,000 buttons/icons (337 x 3 colors). The name of the set is "i-White". All the graphics are non-obstructive, with high definition and contrast and the most important feature, they are very smooth. They look great on iPhones, iPad and normal PC screens!!!. You can see a sample and buy them here.

As requested by many of our customers, in this version, you can order the set (that comes in 3 colors for each icon, white/grey/black) in 4 different sizes: 25x25 pixels, 32x32 pixels, 48x48 pixels and 64x64 pixels.

To order custom sizes and colors send us an e-mail and we will send you a quotation.

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