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Sat Feb 13, 2016 4:34 pm

We are glad to announce our newest skin, "ADVANCED SLIDER". This fully responsive skin is designed to take advantage of many of the new fantastic features of pano2vr V5 (a pano2vr V5 licence and knowledge of the skin editor are needed to modify the skin to your needs).

The new slider supports 2 dimensions/levels, so you can manage very simple or very complex tours with the same skin. Also supports a nice way to display responsive pictures along the tour.

The main features are:

- fully responsive to any device's screen size
- responsive help text
- information text sensitive to tour location displayed
- navigation to the tour destination via Google Maps in any device or with Waze if you are using the tour from a mobile
- social sharing of your tour with either Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Goolge+ or WhatsApp (WhatsApp shows only if running the tour in mobile devices)
- 2 levels of thumbs in the slider allowing to manage simple or complex tours. No limits of thumbs in the upper level. Your screen size is the limit for the second level of thumbs.
- Navigation through either thumbs in the slider or hotspots.
- Use of initial timers to display information for some amount of time before displaying the skin
- Display of responsive images/pictures/videos/text boxes of any size that will adapt to your device's screen size
- Interactive compass to display the cardinal orientation of the panos
- 4 responsive hotspot templates in addition to the standard for navigation, allowing to trigger videos, pictures, text boxes and audio files

Test it from any device from this link >>>

JANUARY/FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018 SPECIAL OFFER: If you buy this skin and within 24 hours any other item in our can claim any other item for free.
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