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Tue Jun 07, 2022 11:54 am

Hello to everyone! I'm a freelancer from Hong Kong. I'm going to help a local high school to build a tour. I will take the 720 photos but I need a website developer.
May I ask how you would charge to build a tour website?

You can contact me at cmdk.production@gmail.com

Good day!
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Wed Jan 04, 2023 11:29 am

Hello Dear,
Happy new year to you.

I am Harsh from Bangalore, India.
Aparna and I run a techno photography studio, powered by technology & innovation.

We specialise in creating virtual tours for all types of real estates like residential buildings, offices, co-working spaces, schools, hospitals and many more.
Sharing some of our work here and looking forward to collaborating with you soon where you can provide us the images and/or panoramas and we will create the virtual tours or walkthrough for you.

1) Hospital: https://www.watchitvirtually.com/wp-con ... /index.htm
2) Co-working space: https://www.watchitvirtually.com/wp-con ... /index.htm

3) Residential building: https://www.watchitvirtually.com/wp-con ... /index.htm

4) School: https://www.watchitvirtually.com/wp-con ... index.html

5) Virtual expo: https://www.watchitvirtually.com/wp-con ... /index.htm

6) Tour created with renders: https://www.watchitvirtually.com/wp-con ... /index.htm
I have many more unique products. Would love to show them to you. Looking forward to collaboration.

WhatsApp is: +919880056847 and
email: framesbyharsh@gmail.com
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