Looking for a job developer virtual tours for websites (Pano2VR)

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Thu May 12, 2022 3:18 pm


My name is Nick and I need a job developer virtual tours for websites (Pano2VR). I am looking for a remote work over the internet, since I am currently in Ukraine, I am ready to take on one-time projects and permanent ones. Also have experience in creating websites. My examples of virtual tours for the website can be viewed here:

https://vrweb.biz/demo/vrtours/8/ - an example of a virtual tour with a variety of additional content
https://vrweb.biz/demo/vrtours/9/ - demo example with various elements and features of a 3d tour
https://vrweb.biz/demo/vrtours/10/ - demo example with non-standard transitions

More examples: https://vrweb.biz/en/

With respect, Nick
email: vrweb7@gmail.com
viber, telegram, whatsapp +380 (99) 544-41-40
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