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Sun Jan 06, 2008 4:08 am

Hey all,

I am trying everything I can think of to get two panos (swf) to crossfade in flash. I have tried setting intervals, tween handlers - every effort creates an abrupt end before the next fades in (as in the current flash example on the ggSite). Any other swf, (movie, image, whatever) I have no problem in creating a slide show where one dissolves nicely into the next.
What I am doing as a work around is taking a static image of the starting position of the pano, having that tween 0-100 alpha over the first pano, then bring in the second pano one layer down from the static image, then fade out the top image and using a tween handler to give the second pano time to load and then removing the first pano and the static image.

I have searched the site and have not found any information on the topic as of yet, I will keep trying but in the meantime if anyone has anything that would point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any help.
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Sun Feb 03, 2008 12:07 pm


I can't help you immediately, but on one of my sites I use a cross fade method for still images which is supposed to work for swfs as well, although I haven't made that work yet. The method comes from Philip Kerman, a well known Flash author. I have amended extensively one of his gallery codes (available in one of his books and downloadable from the pubisher (or from me!)) and you can see an example of the cross fading in, using the "portfolio" button. There are other methods of showing the pictures on that site, but that one uses his method which pretty much does what you describe.

In his book he says the method works for swfs too. My own Virtual Tour site is, but as I say I haven't tried very hard yet to implement the cross fading in those panos.

I'd be happy to have a think about it if having looked at his method you think it holds more promise than the methods you have tried,

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Sun Feb 03, 2008 5:04 pm


I am using McAfee 2008.

I visited the Ann site and McAfee detected and removed serious scripting errors. Visited your site and McAfee detected "JS/Exploit-BO VIRUS". It might have something to do with your browser detection JS technique I read "View Source" in your page. Might have been that McAffee interperted your technique to be a Virus or Trojan.

Clicked on another page and McAfee called it a "JS/Exploit-BO TROJAN"

Risk Assessment
- Home Users: Low
- Corporate Users: Low
Date Discovered: 11/2/2007
Date Added: 11/2/2007
Origin: N/A
Length: N/A
Type: Trojan
SubType: Exploit
DAT Required: 5155

Virus Characteristics
JS/Exploit-BO provides generic detection of obfuscation techniques used by Javascript exploits to hide their malicious payload. In some circumstances these obfuscation techniques may be used by licit web sites. If you have any questions about files detected as JS/Exploit-BO, please submit the files to for analysis.
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Sun Feb 03, 2008 6:18 pm

Dear 360Texas,

Thank you for letting me know. I have been telling my Hosting Company ( for two months that they have a problem on their servers since my own Norton has been catching this kind of thing. I have reloaded index pages and the like in the past and that seems to fix it temporarily, but the hosting support people tell me they can see nothing.

I'l send them your observations...

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I'll reload again and see if that has the desired effect,

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Sun Feb 03, 2008 6:29 pm


The source for the page almost all is created by Flash publishing apart from editing the page title, metatags and and background (black). ie the Flash objects aren't embedded in a pre-existing html page, the html page is created from my final aggregate Flash object. Flash version detection is all Adobe standard created by that publishing process. You'll see from the lines:

<script language="javascript"> AC_FL_RunContent = 0; </script>
<script src="AC_RunActiveContent.js" language="javascript"></script>

that I use the Adobe Flash publishing method to deal with the Microsoft EOLAS problem for Active pages so that viewers do not have to click the Flash objects to enable them.

I don't think this would cause an aberrant message in McAfee or Norton - although I have to say that my Norton isn't catching any errors now from or, but what you say is something I have seen, as I said, now and then over the last month or six weeks.

Thanks again,