very strange conversion behavior

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Robert Harshman
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Fri Aug 03, 2007 6:05 am


I've got a project file with something terriably wrong in it, it's the strangest ting I've ever seen from this fine program.

I've got a client that wants 6 different sizes of a VR done in QT. no problem, I already finished producing most of these, each time using a copy of the prior project file and then changing the ouput size, and tile size for each desired size. everything else is static or left alone.

On this last project file, even though I'm changing the output and tile size the final output file is always around 270K. Does not matter if I inout a tile size of 400 or 1400 for outputs pixel dimension VR's of 455 by 350 or 1300 by 1000. Of course at the larger pixel output this 270K file looks like sh#$%^.

Any one every seen anything like this? It's not really a show stopper in anyway for me as If I create a brand new project file, Pano2QTVR works as expected. The weird project is acting as if it's always using the lowest possible JPG compression or something.