Autoloop a QTVR mov

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Autoloop a QTVR mov

Post by pepeR » Sun May 13, 2007 8:59 am

I m trying to make a QTVR move created by Pano2Qtvr to loop automatically, like a real .mov movie can do when downloaded.
The quicktime parameters Autostart or Autoloop don t seem to work with qtvr. I have tried a simple javascript timer and change the pan angle of my quictkime 0.5 degres every 70 ms : it works but it s so a system hog.
I have even tried to code the loop in C++ but handling quictkime object in C++ without a decen t activeX was areal nightmare.

Anyways, with javascript a quicktime loop (640 x 480) make my core 2 Duo 2Go go up for 10 % in term or process use.
Am i pretty sure that if a looping function exists somewhere in quicktime api, it will less power consumming.
A bright javascript algorithm may help too:)

Any ideas ?


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