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SendTo commandline configurations

Posted: Mon May 07, 2007 12:02 pm
by ftrippie

Tried to search through the forum, but didn't find the answer.

Using commandlines, I succesfully configured the 'rightclick on equi' - 'SendTo' - 'Pano2Cubic' procedure, to convert an equirectangular to its cube faces. (windowsXP)

Now I am trying to do the same in reverse. I would like to rightclick on the first cube face (nr. 0) and send it to Pano2Equi, but I can't get that to work.
What I did manage to get working is to rightclick on the original Equirectangular file (with the cube files existing of course) and use that name in the SendTo configuration. The only problem is that the resulting equirectangular file will have the same name as the original and the result will overwrite the original. Any way arround that?

BTW, my equis are always 6000/3000, the cubes are automatically set to 1908/1908 and I use Poly3 to stitch.

Config of the SendTo:
"C:\Program Files\Pano2QTVR\Pano2QTVR.exe" -r -c convert2rect.cfg -f $f_cube -o $fx.tif

with configfile convert2rect.cfg:
# The basic project files

# Parameters

I just want to add an 'x' to the original equi name.
Tried various settings, so some of the settings above might not have any effect, for instance the -o $fx.tif doesn't do anything...

And BTW, my manual procedure is to rightclick on the first cube, open that with Pano2QTVR Gui, 'convert to equi', select filename (org+x), set output to 6000/3000, select Poly3, and of it goes.

Any clues?