How can I link a quicktime pano within my hotspot correctly?

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Mon Mar 26, 2007 12:49 pm

Hello, I have a problem with referencing the correct way of my hotspots. Basically I have two .mov files in webserver and I want to reference the hotspot in each file to the other .mov file. Now the problem is that I can specify the URL but what happenes if I give the .mov files to a client. The hotspots will not work anymore because their dir.-structure is different and causes the hard-coded path to be invalid.

So my thinking is that I have two .mov files in one directory and I only wanting to specify the file I want to open with my hotspot to address this problem. However when I check the "link to another quicktime" button I can only enter the full local path otherwise it fails. So the local path is again different from the one the client will use.