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Well I finally learned enough to realize that I cant create smooth animations with a set of images used in the individual images object settings. So I took some test images this morning and used the Canon PhotoStitch that came with my 30D and it seem to create a decent 360 degree panorama which I then used to create a Panorama/Cyclindrical image. The result is below

So now the questions:

1: What is the difference between Equirectangle and Cubic? and when/why would I use these?

2: How can I get greater vertical movement/area? I can zoom in with ctrl/shift and then move up and down, but zoomed out it is on one plane?

3: When I created a flash version, motion is pretty jerky. How can I smooth this out? ... ct-fl.html

4: When creating suitable 360 degree panorama's, should I be creating additional sequences at different planes, and if so, how do I stitch those together?

Thanks for any help that a anyone can provide
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2. Shoot sperical panorama's. You will need a panoramic head for that.

3. Flash hasn't got hardware accelaration, so it won't get any better. (I think)

4. Yes you should, see 2. and stiching can be done using PT-Gui, but there are other programs available too.
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Sat Feb 10, 2007 11:44 am

Or take a look here.