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Wed Jun 24, 2009 12:40 pm

We recently converted a whole batch of QTVR movies to Flash, and have integrated these on our pages in place of the Quicktime versions.

The Flash VR's have the auto-rotate feature, but we have noticed incredibly high CPU usage on users machines when viewing the pages.

Checked the samples on the Garden Gnome site and can see the same high CPU loads when the panorama is rotated - example this page: ... flashtour/ CPU usage is about 7% when at rest, but when the pano is rotated this increases to 140+

Noticed this initially on my laptop - if a browser window is left open with a Flash pano on display then the laptop starts cooking and all the fans kick in.

Any tips? obviously we could remove the auto-rotate from our movies, but this is hardly the best fix- we DO want viewers to be immediatley aware that they are not just looking at a still image.

Example page of ours - check your CPU usage when viewing the page (Mac users - just go to Utilities/ Actvity monitor) ... useum.html

I am looking at this page on an 8 core 3.2ghz and CPU usage is showing at 118%

Any ideas?

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Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:57 pm

Hmm I am using an Intel Quad Core 2 cpu. and when checking the performance for your site and the gardengnomesoftware url I get 2% at rest and while rotating between 5 - 7 % CPU. And this is probably as it should be normally. Please note that we also have a video graphics card with its own gpu and 512mb on board ram.

I think I would take a look at your Graphics Card. If a graphics card does not have its own on board Graphic Processing Unit [GPU] and RAM it is required to use the motherboard's CPU and shared motherboard RAM. This is where you would see extreme CPU activity.

If you are looking at a panorama that is using shared CPU and motherboard Ram.. then of course you will see high usage. But on the other hand... what other CPU critical activity are you doing at the moment? ? procssing a 3 Terrabyte data base search ?? Probably you are keeping your email client open and what else that would slow the CPU down with critical activity? Watching a panorama... causing your CPU to finally get some much needed exercise.. is not a bad thing. After you look at the Panorama you close it... and your CPU finally returns to nomal business as usually.

If you do not want your CPU to get too busy... try looking at your graphics card. Should have its own onboard GPU and 1 gb on board ram so as not to have to bother the CPU.
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