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Mon Jan 01, 2007 6:07 pm

Hi to everybody,
I'm new to this interesting forum.

I'm very satisfied about the power of PTGui 6 and Pano2QTVR 1.2.10.
However, today I've encountered the first problem: I've generated a great equirectangular image (about 21,000x10,500 pixels, TIFF 8bit) and I've tried to convert it in the six "cubic" images, but Pano2QTVR prompts an error:

Window name: "Panorama Tools"
Error: "Error allocating 856086 KB of memory"

After this I've tried to convert the source file in JPG format, and the conversion process was successfully completed.

The answer is: there is a known file size input file limit? This limit is due to my pano12.dll (2.8.0) or to the Pano2QTVR code?
Thank you in advance!

Best regards