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Hi Thomas,
This is not a question about the functionality of your software, as the subject of the thread indicate. I'm new to panorama photography and I've shot few cylindrical panos. When shooting, sometimes, I tilt up or down slightly the head (~10°) of my Manfrotto 303SPH, to capture the best view. When I stitch the pictures, I get a descent pano. I've tried many stitching softwares and they are consistant to produces cylindrical images.

Now, when I use Pano2QTVR, I think the software is not aware of the tilted image I feed it, the resulting VR seems to be at 0° (logical since I use the Cylindrical option). You can see what I mean here:

http://www.photocaniapiscau.net/galerie ... m=37&pos=1

The dam is curved, the fence as well!!!. Is there a way I can indicate that my input image are not 0°? I'm not aware of all the possibilities of Quictime VR, so I asking your opinion on this. In fact, when stitching this pano, I've used a spherical projection, the resulting VR is less curved.

BTW, I like your software :wink:
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There is no option in QuickTimeVR to do this. The only possibility is to create a pano at 0° and add a black stripe to it. In Pano2QTVR you limit the tilt up/down so that the black area is not visible. See f.e. the Partial cylindrical panorama tutorial for further details.
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Thanks Thomas, this is exactly what I need. Unfortunately, your tutorial is offline...

Invalid tutorial ID! pano/part_cylinder_tutorial
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create for flash, but can't limited tilt down
see black area