Help - Pano affecting Parent scaling and position in browser

Using Pano2VR/Object2VR SWF files with your own Flash projects
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I am using Pano2VR Pro. I am in development of an AS3 based digital catalog. The digital catalog loads with swfObject into a web browser and is fully scalable and centers in web browsers.

I am attempting to use pano swfs for one of the spreads. I am using the Pano AS3 API and have 3 panos loading into a spread in separate movieclip containers. I navigate through each using visibility and the Pan,Tilt and FOV from the API.
All is working fine.

Every spread is an external swf of assets so I am using contentLoader and applicationDomain. On init of the Entire catalog, I then preload the pano swfs into their spread via the Pano AS3 API provided here.
All working correctly.

The issue is that once the panos have loaded, the entire flash application jumps to TOP and LEFT.
And scaling is affected depending on the Pano output settings as listed below.
I have tried all settings when exporting the Pano as Flash swf.

Scaling: None
Result: My App no longer scales below actual size.

Scaling: Exact Fit
Result: Stretches the entire app to browser width/height.

Scaling: With Window
Result: Jumps TOP LEFT and does not scale.

Scaling: No Border
Result: Doesn't appear to affect anything in my app but will not scale.

I have read numerous posts here and people considering _lockroot but that is AS2.
I could not find anything other solutions here.

• So, Is it possible to load a Pano at a designated size and allow scaling BUT have pano maintain aspect ration of original size and stay LOCKED in it's MC container for position.
All without affecting the parent application and letting parent application center and scale in browser window using swfObject.

• Why is the Pano taking over the parent apps stage settings?

• Does anyone have a suggestion where I might look to troubleshoot this?

• Are the vars inside the pano private or public?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated asap. I'm on a very tight deadline.

Thank you in advance.
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