trying to use p2vr generated swf as player

Using Pano2VR/Object2VR SWF files with your own Flash projects
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trying to use p2vr generated swf as player

Post by shiruhan » Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:25 pm

i have created several p2vr tours and i like pano2vr a lot.
its been a couple of days i have tried to externalize the images with skin data and use the swf file as a player. i m trying to take all the fashvar generated on the html file and put them on a XML file and load them to swf file. so that i can use different externalized images and skin data from a other panos and load them to the same swf file. as if swf file working as a p2vr player. Is there anyway i can achieve this

p2vr version 3 beat 3.0

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