How can i manually input tiles and flv into a pano video

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How can i manually input tiles and flv into a pano video

Post by zhwsweet » Fri Apr 23, 2010 10:07 am

First, I create a pano video by using pano2vr 2.3.
params in the HTML tab are as follows:
1.Enable HTML file
2.Externalize: Panorama images
3.Template: normal.ggt
4.Panorama Video File: movie.flv

Everything is OK.

Then, I want to manually input tiles and flv into the pano video(swf), which I just create.

You see, I am a Flex developer. I am sure that the pano video is loaded complete, and I get the moiveclip. Now, I want to use API to input tiles and flv manually.

Maybe, the code is something like this, which is contained in the html file created by pano2vr.

if ((window.p2q_Version) && (window.p2q_Version>=2.0)) {
var flashvars="";
video='<video url="000011_out123.flv"/>'; flashvars+="video=" + htmlEncode(video) + "&";
// embedded panorama data
panorama='<panorama hideabout="1">';
panorama+='<view fovmode="0">';
panorama+='<start pan="0" tilt="0" fov="70"/>';
panorama+='<min pan="0" tilt="-90" fov="5"/>';
panorama+='<max pan="360" tilt="90" fov="120"/>';
panorama+='<display width="1200" height="600" quality="12" changemotionquality="1" changestagequality="1" smoothing="1" fullscreenmenu="1" custommenutext="" custommenulink="" scalemode="stage" />';
panorama+='<input tile0url="img0.jpg" tile1url="img1.jpg" tile2url="img2.jpg" tile3url="img3.jpg" tile4url="img4.jpg" tile5url="img5.jpg" tilesize="856" >'; panorama+='<preview images="1" color="0x808080"/>';
panorama+='<userdata title="" description="" author="" datetime="" copyright="" source="" info="" comment="" />';
panorama+='<control sensitifity="8" simulatemass="1" locked="0" lockedwheel="0" invertwheel="0" invertcontrol="0" />';
panorama+='<cursor ownonmovement="1" ownondefault="1" />';
flashvars+="panorama=" + escape(panorama) + "&";
// Check to see if the version meets the requirements for playback
if (!DetectFlashVer(9,0,0)) {
document.write('<p class="warning">This content requires Adobe Flash Player Version 9 or higher. '
+ '<a href="">Get Flash<\/a><\/p>');
Obviousely, those are javascript codes. How could I config the pano video (swf) in ActionScript 3 like the javascript code?

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