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Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:07 pm

Been asked about how to embed an Object2VR popup in an HTML5 Panorama project.
The attached zip does just that with a point hotspot and a poly hotspot.

Please note you will require Pano2VR 4.x and Object2VR 3.x beta only because the object is HTML5 multi resolution, otherwise version 2.x will be fine.

Once unzipped open the folder forum_oip and open the p2vr file.
Click the Create All button to build the panorama in the default output folder.

Now open the sub folder object and then open the o2vr file and click the Create All button.
The output path is: ../output/object/soft_toy.xml for the XML and ../output/object/Soft Toy.html for the HTML Page.
This means it will create the object in a sub folder called object in the panoramas output folder.

Please note that because the objects output is a level above the project file it will not open from the projects open output button.

Go back to the p2vr file and click the open output button to see the panorama. You will see two soft toys, one is a point hotspot and the other is an image placed in the panorama using the patch tool then a poly hotspot drawn around it. Clicking either will open the Object2VR popup. The Object can also be a multi resolution project, that said the object in this project is a multi resolution project although its not a high res image.

Point Hotspot:
The point hotspot has the HTML file name in the hotspots title field. In this example the HTML page produced from Object2VR is called Soft Toy.html. The point hotspots title is Soft Toy. The hotspot template has the iframe code with the place holder $hs.html. So this means the data written will be Soft Toy.html so pointing to the correct file. This means each point hotspot can have a different object.

Poly Hotspot:
The Poly hotspot just uses a node marker in the skin with all the actions to show an object link using Hotspot Proxy ID.
This means you will need to add a node marker for each object. You can use the same trick as the point hotspot using the place holder. However I have found that the iPad does not use the place holder in the poly hotspot so that is why the node marker has the complete file path. In the future this may work but for now you need a node marker per object.

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Thu Nov 21, 2013 4:38 pm

Thank you Sir.
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