Radarbeam in floorplan

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Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:36 am

Hi Gnomes,

I ran into a problem creating a skin with a floorplan and a radar beam.

I want the radar beam to jump to the camera position marked as black spots on the floor plan. I used an action for the radar beam image:
Source: Loaded, Action: Set Element position, Parameters: $lat/$lng, Target: $self
$lat anf $lng are the placeholders for latitude and longitude in te user data of a pano. I want to use these placeholders for the radar beam to jump to the pano's camera position in the floor plan.

This doesn't work. Apparently the placeholders cannot be used in this way. Am I missing something?

I looked at Hopki's Multi Node and Multi Floor Plan Projects, but I do not want Clickable nodes in my plan. Apart from that, the skin is a bit beyond my limited intellectual capabilities. :oops:

See attachment. Please help.

Regards, Jan
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Tue Feb 28, 2017 6:24 pm

Hi Jan,
Please see attached project.

I am using tags in the panoramas, these are added in the user data of each pano.
To keep things simple, the first pano has the tag "one" and the second one has the tag "two".

In the skin I am using node markers that has cloned the rectangle (with radius 999)with the ID "dot".
The node markers have the Tour Node/Tag set to the relevant tag for its corresponding pano.
The Node Markers also have the action: Activate, Set Element Position, $self, beam.
These are then placed over the map locations.

The next part is quite important for alinement of the radar image and the dot on the map.
The rectangle that the node marker is using and the radar have to be the same size, so the image_radar1 is made a child of a rectangle of the same size with the ID beam. Im using another rectangle to act as a cap so you don't see the radar image on top of the beam.

The beam rectangle is also set in the same location as the map (image 1).

When the project opens the tag one will be active. The node marker with one in the tag will become active and the action will change position of the beam element on top of itself. When you change location and the tag two is detected then the node marker with two will become active and mode the beam to itself.

You should be able to work it out from there.
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Tue Feb 28, 2017 10:04 pm

Hi Hopki,

Fast reply as always! Thanks.

Your explanation is clear. I had hoped to bypass having to define every hotspot in the skin editor. I've got 26 hotspot in three different floorplans. And as they don't have to be clickable I thought one jumping image of a radar beam would be enough. Your method seems like a bit of work, but if its the only way, its the only way and I'm happy to put in the work.

Kind regards, Jan
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