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Tue Mar 31, 2015 7:58 am

Hi folks,

just struggling on a task that I currently have no solution for.
I am working on a file containig a hotspot. This hotspot is shown using an SVG pic. I´d like to use this file on our corporate webpage, therefore I need it wrapped in an iframe, which is 200px wide and 200px high. Of course this resolution is pretty tiny, but because of the option of jumping into fullscreen mode, this tiny resolution is not a real problem.

My issue: I am able to scale all of my buttons which I embedded using the skin editor - except the one I try using with my hotspot. It seems that this button doesn´t react on any action I try to let it use. For example it doesn´t scale or hide. Because of my tiny "thumbnail", the hotspot does not really look good. It stays at the same size, no matter if I am in standard view (200x200) or in Fullscreen Mode. If i scale it up manually it is to big for my small view, if I scale it down manually it is to small for fullscreen mode. So I am looking for a solution, that will auto scale my hotspot for both resolutions - like I do that with every other graphic in my skin.

Did someone have the same issue like I and maybe have a workaround for that?

My file:

Thanks in advance,
best regards,
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