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Tue Mar 17, 2015 11:39 am

My needs is, having a VRobject with 72 images, set an arrow image placed on the left and on the right of each frame, always in the same position.

My first idea was to place two botton in the skin editor, but I'm some troubles if I enable the "scale" feature, I've tried to set all the different parameter (Min, max, vertical , horizontal) but I'm not able to have the same scaling for the image and the arrows. Sometimes the arrows are too narrow, sometimes they disappear.
So my first question is : what are the correct procedure in order to have the image and these arrow scaled togheter at the same way.

Second question: I've tried to set an area hotspot, one for the left , one for the right side of all my images.
Then my wwish is to assign , using the hotspot template the image of the arrow to eache hotspot.
For do that I must assign, in the "hotspot list" a Skin -ID, I've tried but even I set the number in the cell I've noticed that the value can't be saved!
How is possible? I have made some mistake?

Thanks for all your help.. I need to finish the work today!!!


In particular I'm referring to that indication on the Gardegnome web page - in "Area Hotspot Section":
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Fri Mar 20, 2015 3:35 pm

Hi Luca
This will be done in the Skin Editor.
To make an element scale with the image do the following:

Open Skin editor and add your left image.

Set its Position Anchor to middle left.
Set Scaling Anchor to middle left.

Under Modifiers set
Target: Scale => Source: FoV => Factor: 0.01 => Offset: 0.00

For the Right arrow it stye same as a hove but your setting anchor position middle right for both Position and Scaling.

Not sure I understand question 2.
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