I want to outsource a demanding Object2VR project

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Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:57 pm

I need to hire someone to create/build a very demanding Object2VR/Pano2VR project to.

this project would not be dependent on any bandwidth constraints, it would not be served over the internet.

panos have 3500px cubic face size

Panos will have 2 or 3 hotspots each.

there are 10 panos

there are 4 objects of a large object, I call it a walk around.

Each object needs to be as high resolution as possible.

One object walkaround has 1 row, 36 columns, 8 hotspots, when a hotspot is clicked, an iFrame or HTML window pops up with a 540x370 photo in it

One object walk around has 1 row, 36 columns, 112 hotspots, when clicked, an iFrame or HTML window pops up with a 540x370 photo in it
(each hotspot would only last 6 column frames)

the other two object walk arounds are duplicates of above but with different starting points.

I created this project quite successfully with Quicktime VR authoring Studio a few years ago, but no longer have any faith in Quicktime. So I need this re-authored in Flash or HTML5. I would prefer HTML5 because it seems like a solution with a longer shelf life. But the photos source files are impeccable. All in cubes, ready to go.

Amendment: I am giving up on HTML5 for the time being. These files are just too large.

Not sure how I would be able to convey where the hotspots go. Either I would hire you to put it all together, or hire you to consult me on how to do it.
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