Multiresolution and blurred images.

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Fri Dec 02, 2011 7:27 pm

Hi All
I had had a few people say that the flash multiresolution gives a blurred starting image.
This is down to the window size and opening level being close, but not the same.
You need at least a factor of 1.5 between levels, 2 being better or flash struggles with the image and it is this that causes the opening image to be blurred. Object2VR creates the levels by deviding by a factor of 2 starting with the input image size. This can lead to the lower levels being to close the the window size but not the same.

Window size of 640px and an input image of 2650, using a factor of 2, Object2VR‘s default you will end up with levels of:


331px will not be used and can be deleted so the next level up is 662px, now the new opening level. The time flash resizes the image to fit you end up with the blurred image. In this case just change the lower level to 640px so you end up with levels of 2650px, 1325px and 640px.
This will instantly give a sharper opening image. As said use a factor of 2 where possible but no less than 1.5.


To optimise this to its maximum potential have the input image size so that it can be divided down and the tile level size can fit exactly.

2560 x 2560
1280 x 1280
640 x 640
Tile level size 640px

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