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Mon Apr 06, 2020 6:58 pm

I was wondering if there was a guide available to help with website optimization. I'm really new to Object2VR, and the few tests I've run with renders I've obviously gotten straight into some steep learning.
The first question is about angles - what intervals do yo use for declination and altitude? The there needs to be a balance between getting the view you want, and too many images which really slows down loading.

What are typical values that you use?
Also, if you want to be able to look at details, my current approach of rendering images at 2500px x 1850px so that you can zoom in didn't pay off. Having to load 200 files (5 Rows, 20 columns, 2 states) really slows down loading.

Are there other ways of doing this? Could loading be limited to the current state only?

Could there be hotspots with links to detailed (cropped) views, so that you have a general object view and then specialized detail views?

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