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Sat Mar 28, 2020 1:09 am

Hi I have a Object2VR Project with a Point Hotspot.
When the HTML 5 file opens in the browser the hotspot appears at the location It is positioned in the skin - not where it should be according to the placement in the hotspot tool.

when I interact with the mouse and rotate the view it jumps into place.

what can I do in order to get the hotspot placement on load correct?


wrong placement:
Screenshot 2020-03-28 at 01.03.52.png
Screenshot 2020-03-28 at 01.03.52.png (437.02 KiB) Viewed 706 times
correct placement:
Screenshot 2020-03-28 at 01.04.00.png
Screenshot 2020-03-28 at 01.04.00.png (423.04 KiB) Viewed 706 times
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Sat Mar 28, 2020 9:38 am

Hi Jörg,
I can not say I have seen this, can you send in your prophecy, so o2vr and ggsk files as well as your images.
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