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Hi there,

I apologize if those questions have already been asked, didn't find anything about it on the forum.

I'm using Object2vr, html5/javascript version, for web display only and I'm actually trying to optimize image loading time, especially for mobile display.
For that I use the multiresolution option, but the way the feature works doesn't really fit my needs :
  • You can cache a lower resolution at startup, which is cool, but when the user rotates the view the images are always requested by the module, even if they have already been loaded and displayed in high quality. Is there a way to tell the script not to reload images once they have been loaded ?
  • When the script loads, it loads the images from the first column to the last column (my view is always composed of a 72 columns unique row). Is there a way to tell the script to load the images so the user can slide faster towards the left end of the view ? (which is alway loaded last if we start from column 0 for example).
    It also loads the image of the column set in the view > start xml parameter, which is better than nothing, but still not enough if we have to wait for a large chunk of images to be downloaded if the start column value is high
My Object2vr version : 3.1.5/10768
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