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Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:43 am

Hello everybody,

I'm building a complex 3D scene to be outputted as object2VR.
In the scene there are several avatars with hotspots, that should open a PopUp/Overlay where the avatars introduce themselves.

So far easy. The hotspot calls an iframe by "Set Text" in the skin.

No my Problem:
The content for the popUps is quite much text and some images, so it has to be spreaded to several pages within that iframe.
But how can I navigate through the pages within the iFrame? (just doing this within the html did dot work for me)

My suggestion is:
Put a link on each html (which is loaded into the iframe) that sets the text within object2VRplayer to load another html into the iframe...

Is that possible? How?

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Fri Feb 05, 2016 5:29 pm

Hi Jan,
I would convert your information to a PDF, then use an iframe in a text box to display it.
I did this a while back and if I remember I think I may of embedded the PDF in an HTML page first then embed the HTML page in the text box.
However what this does is allow you to scroll up and down.
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Sat Feb 06, 2016 11:35 am

Thanks, Hopki.

If I'm reading this correctly, there's no way to set text from outside, right?

For now I'll go with a HTML solution:
– build a html page fitting exactly into the iFrame, set "overflow:hidden"
– within the html create containers for each "inner page" or section, exactly the same size like the parent (and the iFrame) and give them an id.
– navigate using section links ("#id01", "#id02"...)

That's pretty straight forward and you can add page transistions if you know a little bit about javascript.
And instead of using a PDF (which has all the pdf functionality from browser surrounding your pdf) you can make the iframe look good & feel more like "native" content within the player.

Maybe that's helpfull for someone else...


ps. sorry for bad english – I'm german. ;-)
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