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I'm french, so excuse my poor english... :mrgreen:

I have a little question about active state on map. My project is a 1 floor visit with a couple of rooms.
When the mouse rollover the room, alpha change to 0.5 to 1, and i would like the room stay at alpha 1 when i'm in the room. All the map is build with PNG.

What is the best/quick solution ? I don't need hotspot because navigation between rooms is not easy, there is no corridor.

Thanks everybody for your answers ! :wink:

Pano :

Some screenshots :

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Nobody have answers for my request ? :(

... thanks !
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which version are you using?

if 3.x to stay at alpha 1, use the action mouse click --> set element alpha to 1(current location-active) & the rest (inactive loaction) back to .5
if 4 beta you have active state & normal state feature its much easier.

check this
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