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Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:12 pm

Been asked a few times now about this so thought I would post it with a project file.
This is still work in progress as still a bug in the Flash output but fully working with HTML5.

How this works is you can make an element in the skin move by a set amount of px to a set distance with just one button.

The attached example:
The right button moves a strip of coloured rectangles 100px to the left in the X axis with each sequential click, it will stop after moving 400px.
The button has the action:

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Mouse Click => Change Relative Position => Offset X/Y (/Limit X/Y): -100/0/-400/0 => Target: image_strip
The data is -100 so moves the strip to the left, 100 would move it to the right. As it is only going side to side there is only data in the X axis.

For the button that returns the strip:

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Mouse Click => Change Relative Position => Offset X/Y (/Limit X/Y): 100/0/0/0 => Target: image_strip
What this is doing is with each click it moves the strip 100px to the right until it reaches 0, its starting position.

Of course you can use both X and Y axis when doing this.
The bug with the flash output means only the Set Relative Position works while both Set and Change work in the HTML5 output. Hope to have this fixed next release.

This is good for making slide shows or even moving text boxes with a single button, no more stacking buttons 8)
Relative Position.zip
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