Two floor plans with radar beam.

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Sat Oct 01, 2011 7:30 pm

Hello everyone,

First of all, I will write what I want out of the skin. I am working on a virtual tour project for 2 story private estate. And at least for me it makes a lot of sense to include also the floor plan with radar beam so that everything works in the way I want. Also I am trying to make this skin fully HTML5 compatible. I think that this version of skin is not, but the previous was.

So what I want out of the skin:

1) To have two floor plans - one on top of the other. DONE

2) Hotspots linked to the floor plans. DONE

2) To have working radar beam. DONE

3) Be able to look at the other floor plan and not seeing radar beam in it. Meaning, when I am on the first floor in the virtual tour and want to look at the second floor plan then there is no radar beam and when I switch back to first floor plan, then radar beam appears. PARTLY DONE.

It is working now and I am using Toggle element scale on floor plan buttons, but when switching to another floor plan, then clicking on hotspot in the floor plan and then switching once again to another floor plan, leads to a state, where I see the radar beam (from set selement scale 1 for location (radar beam) under my hotspot actions), but the trigger is set to scale it to 0. In attached project it can be done by clicking on the second floor button, then clicking on the hotspot (either in the map or in the panorama itself), then clicking on the first floor button. Already spent a day trying to work this out, but this is the best I could get out of it.

4) When moving over with mouse on the hotspot then also the floor plan changes to the one corresponding to panorama linked with that hotspot. Meaning, when being on the first floor and moving mouse (mouse enter/mouse leave) over hotspot, then being able to see where the hotspot will lead me even if it is on another floor plan. I know how to make it, but it is not compatible with the mouse click. So I can only choose to have this mouse over or mouse click. This is because when mouse enter, then click, then leave leads to different state than just mouse click.

5) Have all working with 3 or more floor plans. As my current approach will only work for 2 floor plans.

I would be grateful if anyone could help me with my approach or suggest their own approach to this issue. In addition, I think that some guide on this could be useful for the community as it would be really nice feature (also, I guess competing software currently is not able to make something like this, so it would give me some edge over my competitors - we have somewhat many VT companies here :D).

P.s. I am sending this from my home laptop (as I am making skin on it), but have licence on my iMac at work.
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Sun Oct 02, 2011 1:31 pm

The fastest and easiest way to do this is have a radar beam in each floor plan and a hotspot proxy ID linked to containers that instruct the beams to be shown in one floor and hidden on the others, then when you click to view other floors the beam will be hidden and only visible in the active node on the correct floor.

I have labelled the floors a, b, c and d in this example. I have also used the ID of radar_a, radar_b... etc, for the different radar beams.

Any node on the ground floor (a) will be linked to a container with the actions:
Mouse Click => Show Element => Target: radar_a
Mouse Click => Hide Element => Target: radar_b

Any node on the 1st floor (b) will be linked to a container with the actions:
Mouse Click => Show Element => Target: radar_b
Mouse Click => Hide Element => Target: radar_a

If you intend lots of floors then just use regular expressions i.e.

Mouse Click => Show Element => Target: radar_b
Mouse Click => Hide Element => Target: radar_[a,c,d]

The above will show floor b and hide a,c and d.
Please see tips pages for Regular Expressions: Here

To make it HTML5 compatible just change the hide and show actions to set scale 0 and 1.

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Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:48 pm

Thanks :)
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