Floor Plan/Map Tool Tips

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Floor Plan/Map Tool Tips

Post by Hopki » Wed Jan 12, 2011 7:47 pm

Been asked a few times about this, so here it is. This will also be a video tutorial soon as well as in the tips section in the Garden Gnome Website.

Floor Plan/Map Tool Tips:

There are two ways to do this.
The first uses a tool tip per location.
The second uses 1 tool tip for all that stays with the mouse.
The second can be used for many things other than the Floor Plan/Map, labelling the buttons etc.

Ok, tool tip with Floor Plan/Map hotspot:
* Above each Floor Plan/Map hotspot place a text box and give it is own unquiet ID. Enter the name of the tool tip in the box, you may also place a text box under the map hotspot if there is not room for it on top.

* Set the Scaling Position, to the bottom middle for the text boxes above the map hotspots, and top middle for the text boxes under them.
The Scaling Position is found under the Anchor Position in the Element Editor, the text box settings tab.

* Set the Scaling for X: 0 and Y:0
Click ok ad close.

Now in the Floor Plan/Map hotspot add the following actions:
Mouse Enter > Change Element Scale > Scale: 1/1 > Target: (the text box ID)
Mouse Leave > Change Element Scale > Scale 0/0 > Target : (the text box ID)

As your mouse enter the Floor Plan/Map hotspot the text box will scale to 1 to 1 size starting from the scale location point.

The second way:
I personally think this this is better but only my opinion as this can be used for many things.
* First place a text box in the skin, give it an ID of tool_tip and make it's size 40 x 20px as a starting point.

* place it in the skin, X: -20 and Y: -30px, again, as starting point.

* Set the text box Alpha 0.

* Set the text box following Modifiers:
Move X > Mouse X > Factor: 1.000 > Offsett: 0.0
Move Y > Mouse Y > Factor: 1.000 > Offsett: 0.0

* Now in every Floor Plan/Map hotspot add:
Mouse Enter > Set Text > Text: (location name) > Target: tool_tip
Mouse Enter > Change Element Alpha > Alpha: 1 > Target: tool_tip
Mouse Leave > Set Element Alpha > Alpha: 0 > Target: tool_tip

As your mouse enters the hotspot the tool tip text is changed to the (location name) set in the set text action and it is made visible by the alpha 1 action.
With Flash Player 9, the text box will just show and hide as it has no text alpha, but in Flash Player 10 it will fade in and out.
The home position for the mouse pointer and text box it top left corner, so moving the box to the left by -20px places the mouse pointer in the middle, and moving it up by -30 places it above the mouse. Play with these settings to position the text box as you see fit

Of course entering the same action as in the hotspots to any other element, such as a button will also work.

Hope this helps

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