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Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:11 am

I know I asked before... :oops:

Finally tryed some new skins of my own.. I now can put my own image to a hotspot, but I cannot get the hotspots to work?
Already seen (all) the videos who where quit helpfull several times, but again I cannot get my hotspots to open the next panorama/swf?

Already done:
- Created a skin
- attached my own PNG picture to the hotspot as a button (even tried as a picture)
- action: mouse click= open next panorama
- save as...

Create a new pano-tour .. all OK, my picture appears on the place for the hotspot, when mouse over a small hands appears (so there is some action).. but on click no action?
What am I doing wrong, am I overlooking something? I know it must be a small thing, but after two days trying I dont see it?

Hope on an answer..


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Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:52 pm

Hi Rick

It may be the Place Holders you are missing. :?:

From the top then,

1, create a point hotspot in the Point Hotspot Editor.
In the Point Hotspot Editor enter your Title and Url, which will be the target swf, e.g. pano2.swf.
You can leave the Target blank.

2, In the Skin Editor place a Hotspot Template in the Skin Editor Window.
Give the Hotspot Template the following actions:

MouseClick – Open next Panorama=$hu – Target= leave blank for now.
Place a text box as a child to the Hotspot Template and set the place holder $hs in the text field.

Now set your hotspot image, also as a child to the Hotspot Template.

What to expect:
On MouseClick the place holders will call the data from the Point Hotspot Editor, so $hu (Hotspot Url) is the next panorama, pano2.swf. $hs (HotSpot title) will show the text from the title field from the Point Hotspot Editor.

A list of Place Holders can be found Here.

Note all the swf files must be in the same folder to keep it simple.
This should get you going but up to you to play with title boxes, how to show, hide etc :D

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Sun Mar 29, 2009 5:48 pm


YES... that was the missing link!!


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