Please a little help about skins.Thanks.

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Sat Feb 14, 2009 1:49 am

I'm a new member of this forum, hello to everybody.
Always I used Pano2qtvr, but finally I bought also the last version of Pano2VR, it's fantastic and Flash version move very smooth. Really a great product.
Now I desire to produce my panorama also in Flash and exactly I would like to produce a panorama with this options.
I desire to add approximately 6 little thumbnails to my panorama with this options.
1) In normal mode , without hover the mouse on , I would to see the small thumbs always visible on the right ,
2) when I move the mouse on (without click on ) the small selected thumb must change colour
3) when I click on the selected thumb, it must goes to another panorama
4) when I go to another panorama , in the panorama I want to see the same list of 6 little thumbs visible on the right but the the thumb of the panorama that are going must be a little transparent.
I read and tried many times on skins but without results.
Also I read in this forum but I no found nothing. I know it's no difficult to do , but I don't find an example as I must write the options on the skin.
There is someone who can help me .
I hope you can suggest to me or send me the options I must to do in order to have these results.
I will wait your kind help.
Kind Regards.
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Sat Feb 14, 2009 7:15 pm

Hi TopGian

Add you thumbs to the skin either by dragging them in, or clicking on the add button, button.
Adding the thumb images as buttons activates the hand symbol when you hover over them with your mouse. You can also add another image on hover or click, use this to change the image to a different coloured version.

Settings for a thumb image:

Import it as a Button.

Make sure the visible box has a tick, and the Alpha is set to 1 (this sets how transparent the image will be)
Add the second image in the, Selected State, by clicking the Change button. (This will swap the images on mouse hover.)

In the actions tab set the following:

MouseClick – Open Next Panorama, Url: (the pano that matches the thumb image.swf) – Pan/Tilit/Fov, leave blank, or set the viewing parameters for the opening image. 0/0/70
Using the, Open Next Panorama will load the next pano in the same flash player which will leave your image always in view going as you go from pano to pano.

MouseClick – Change Element Alpha, Alpha .7 – Target, self (this will make the image semi transparent showing your visitors what thumb images they have already clicked on)

Hopki :)
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