Keep pinned video time when changing nodes

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Here's a cool little project that if you have the same pinned video that is seen in different nodes this project will open each node keeping the videos time and playing where it left off in the last node.

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Each node needs the same pinned video, this project requires the media ID to be video1.
But we will look at how to change this later.

It all works with a timer and JavaScript.
Looking at the timers actions you will see the seven actions to make this work

1.png (69.72 KiB) Viewed 13794 times

The first action is a Start action that sets the video time stamp to 0.
The next action is a Before Node Change and saves the video time.
The following action, Node Changed, sets the time to the next nodes video.
The next Node Changed action is for Safari, so has an action filter to only trigger if opened in Safari but does the same thing as the above action.

The next actions are used to hide and fade in the video with the node transition time, otherwise, the video appears before the transition.

So on Node change, it set 0.25 seconds to the timer.
The Activate action hides the pinned video.
Then finally the Deactivate action fades the video back.

As said at the start the video has to have the ID video1.
If you want to add another video you can copy the timer and rename it.
Then you need to open the following actions:
Before Node Change, open the URL and edit the ID video1 to your new video.

2.png (36.47 KiB) Viewed 13794 times

Now open the following two actions changing video1 to the ID of the new pinned video.
You can have as many pinned videos as you want but remember iOS will struggle with more than one video playing in any node.
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